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Plan Printing / Document Printing

CAD plans, drawings, sketches, etc. black & white or colour with folding and laminating options

£ 0.75 Plus VAT & Delivery

Black & White Line Drawings

For your B/W drawings and CAD such as Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical plans and schematics

Colour Line Drawings

For your Colour line only drawings which contain no graphics or halftone / solid areas such as Archtectural, Mechanical, Electrical plans and schematics

Lamination / Encapsulation

Encasing your drawing in 250 microns of film in a high gloss or matt finish. This is also known as double sided lamination. Creating a waterproof seal around them, so they will be more durable on site and in general.

All of the drawings are printed on 80gsm high white plan copier paper and 250 micron film for the encapsulation / lamination in a gloss or matt finish.

Sizes - mm

A0 - 1189mm x 841mm

A1 - 841mm x 594mm

A2 - 594mm x 420mm

A3 - 420mm x 297mm

A4 - 297mm x 210mm